The Division video shows why you should never stand around at the extraction point

Usually when you get taken out in The Division's Dark Zone, you still have a good chance at reclaiming your contaminated gear: player versus player battles are chaotic, and whoever snuffed you out may not have the time or inventory space to loot your hazmat knapsack before you return. But not if they kill you right next to the extraction helicopter.

And thus, allow me to present exhibit 1,478 of why standing around in the open is never, ever a good idea in the Dark Zone - note that it does include some NSFW language.

Going for an extraction means shooting a signal flare into the sky and more or less shouting "Hey, everybody! I have a lot of cool loot on me!" So remember agents: just because you've reached a peaceful accord with all the other players at the extraction point doesn't mean you have a ceasefire with the ones hiding behind the shipping containers. Not saying you shouldn't celebrate a good haul of loot with a set of jumping jacks, but don't clump up at the rope and do pop off a sensor pulse every now and then.

It looks like The Division may get an open beta starting on February 16, so be sure to check out our The Division beta tips for some more wisdom before you get started. Ubisoft plans to release the full game on March 8.

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Connor Sheridan

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