The Division character creation video has so many neck tattoos

Now that The Division (opens in new tab)'s servers are live, players are creating agents by the hundreds and dropping into Ubisoft's ambitious post-epidemic shooter. But if you (like me) are jealously waiting for your copy of the game to unlock (opens in new tab) at midnight EST, then you can at least let the early risers take you through a tour of all the character customization options. You might notice a distinct lack of sliders...

Many modern games give you a bunch of sliders to tweak how low your character's earlobes hang and how waggly their eyebrows are. In The Division, each pre-set face comes with a selection of five distinct hair options (and some facial hair options, if you're playing a beardy type), and their skin tone and eye color can be adjusted from a preset range. Then you can pick from a selection of scars, warpaint, neck tattoos, piercings, and glasses before finalizing your agent.

It may sound disappointing if you were hoping for minute creative control over your character's appearance. I'm ok with it, but I barely ever futz with sliders these days. You're going to spend a lot of your time with a beanie and gas mask on anyway, so maybe it's better not to get too invested in your agent's visage.

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