The Division closed beta has got a launch date

UPDATE: check our The Division hands on impressions here. We also compared the original E3 Division demo to the current build to see how it compares.

Grab your beanie hats, kids, we're about to get chilly. The delayed Division beta beta for Ubisoft's upcoming New York meets-crippling pandemic shooter is coming at the end of this month. Announced on the game's official Twitter feed, the beta starts on 28th January for Xbox One owners, and 29th January for everyone else. It comes to a close for everyone on 31st January.

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This being a Closed beta, there are certain prerequisites to getting in on the fun. If you've pre-ordered the game, you get guaranteed access (you should already have a code, if so). If not, there's a waiting list for each format that you can join right here.

No word as yet on what the beta will include, but last month's Xbox One-only alpha test was the first time players had sampled the game's PvE areas - I'm guessing this'll be the second. The game itself is out on 8th March. Probably (look, there have been loads of delays - I'm just covering my back at this point).

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