The Division is a bigger threat to Destiny than lacklustre updates

Destiny is in a malaise. There's been little in the way of chunky updates since The Taken King, and fan opinion is split on things like Festival Of The Lost and Sparrow Racing. Some of the hardcore might resign themselves to glumly grinding through it for Light, but the overall opinion is that Destiny isn't doing enough to keep its fan base interested.

Which is why The Division has been drawing some envious side-eye from Guardians. Its co-op PvE and PvP RPG shooter roots draw clear parallels to Destiny's loot hoovering raids, and it's also promising three expansions to the Division experience post release. Destiny, on the other hand, is vaguely hinting at something later this year, but a new Bungie boss and rumours of a major content rescheduling aren't encouraging.

For Destiny fans tired of working through the same raids and strikes over and over, the prospect of something else is obviously enticing. The beta's played a part in that, showing a fresh spin on grindy loot shooting, with a fascinatingly paranoid take on PvE from the Dark Zone. Chatter on the Bungie forums includes Destiny players setting up The Division clans and this interesting post, that seems to be trying to reassure people that players won't leave Destiny for Division by picking it apart.

While on twitter there's plenty of things like this:

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Obviously, there's also plenty of comments the other way - how The Division doesn't stand a chance or there's room for both, but right now the last thing a content-starved Destiny needs is competition from a new game with plenty of promise and things to do.

What do you think?

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