Rumor: Destiny 2 won't make it in time to start Year 3

You know that full-fledged Destiny sequel that Bungie never actually announced, but that myriad leaks and official court documents had made into an open secret? According to Kotaku, it's been delayed out of its sharply whispered September 2016 release window, though we don't know by how much.

Said leaks and court documents - not to mention Bungie's eager use of the "Year One" and "Year Two" terminology - made it clear that September was always meant to be the beginning of big things for Destiny: the original game came out in September 2014, then The Taken King added a whole mess of new stuff in September 2015.

Bungie said it will focus on events like Sparrow Racing League over expansions throughout "Year Two", which seemed logical. The big content-creating teams were working on the sequel, naturally, leaving the live team to come up with fun little events like The Festival of the Lost (Space Halloween) to tide players over in the meantime. If Kotaku's sources are correct, it could be an even longer wait until we get a fresh infusion of Space Magic.

Bungie teased a larger game update coming some time after February when it introduced the Crimson Days event, so there's definitely still stuff coming in the months ahead - just maybe not as much, or as soon, as we'd expected.

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Connor Sheridan

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