Bungie says Destiny will focus on events like Sparrow Racing League over expansions

Today is the beginning of Destiny's first-ever Sparrow Racing League; a three-week event where Guardians put aside their guns in favor of putting their feet to the pedal and racing across the surfaces of Mars and Venus. According to an interview with Eurogamer, Destiny players should expect more of these types of events, and fewer Dark Below/House of Wolves-sized expansions.

"With Taken King we are moving to a more event-based model - things like Festival of the Lost and Sparrow racing, which is our winter event, and then smaller events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris every weekend," Bungie senior designer Derek Carroll told Eurogamer. "Rather than doing these giant, monolithic DLC packs, this way everybody who's an owner of Taken King can enjoy these things." Carroll explained that Bungie won't be "telegraphing" their plans - at least not yet - and would rather surprise players throughout the months to come.

The two most recent events, Festival of the Lost and now SRL, have featured microtransaction options for aesthetic items like emotes and Light-less, perk-less gear. It's a move that, according to a report from October, will allow the developer to swap between expansions and full-fledged sequels every other year.

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Sam Prell

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