Disney Villainous adds Toy Story and The Incredibles with new expansion: here's when it launches

Disney Villainous adds Toy Story and The Incredibles with new expansion: here's when it launches
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Thanks to a new expansion coming next year, the Disney Villainous board game will soon be home to Syndrome from The Incredibles and Lotso Huggin' Bear of Toy Story fame. 

Due to launch in March 2022, 'Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder' will expand the lineup with three new playable characters drawn from across Disney's animated stable (the third being Madam Mim from 1963's The Sword in the Stone). This is the fifth Disney Villainous expansion so far, and it marks the first addition of Pixar characters to the game. 

It's also another spotlight on more recent Disney characters - before now, the newest baddie to get a board game makeover was Mother Gothel from 2010's Tangled. As such, it's surely just a matter of time until Villainous - which already has our vote as one of the best board games - gets familiar faces from Frozen, Moana, and beyond.

Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder

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In terms of gameplay, Syndrome's objective follows the plot from The Incredibles to the letter; he has to improve and upgrade his Omnidroid robot before defeating it and the other Heroes in his Realm (naturally, the Parr family and Frozone will be attempting to thwart his efforts). Meanwhile, Lotso is trying to stake his claim on Sunnyside Daycare using a new mechanic that allows him to reduce Hero strength and move them to the dreaded toddler Caterpillar Room. This contrasts nicely with Madam Mim; she has to win a wizard's duel against Merlin by utilising transformations that will one-up his magic.

As always, these characters are compatible with all other Disney Villainous games (with the exception of Marvel Villainous, anyway), but Bigger and Badder can be used as a standalone product if you prefer. Thanks to its smaller size, that makes it a good choice if you're looking to add more board games for 2 players to your collection.

We don't have any more details about pricing or a firm release date beyond the 'March 2022' window (which is already looking pretty busy thanks to the Kickstarter launch of a new Jurassic World board game that same month), but if previous expansions are anything to go by, Disney Villainous: Bigger and Badder should cost around $25 / £25.

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