Disney building Hovercar 3D


The race to fill the massive void left behind when Harry Potter departs our screens next year is on!

While attempts to begin new kid-friendly franchises in Percy Jackson, Eragon and His Dark Materials have all fallen on their faces, Disney are hoping something a little more futuristic will prove more successful in cinemas.

So they’re dusting off the rights to Hovercar , the online serial by Matthew Reilly that they purchased back in 2004, and are planning to create Hovercar 3D .

Clearly they’re optimistic that the techno-stuffed Tron: Legacy will prove a massive hit when it opens this December, so they’re crafting something along the same lines with their sights set on a brand new franchise.

Hovercar is set in a near future where hover car racing is the most popular sport in the world. Then a young car pilot is charged with escorting a government informant – and winds up involved in a series of breakneck adventures.

Echoes of Speed Racer there, though hopefully this will provide more bang for our buck than the Waschowskis' 'toon effort.