Dishonored 2 will get New Game+ and customizable difficulty in a free December update

Have you already beaten Dishonored 2 and started experimenting with the various ways it lets you slink, sneak, and stab your way across Karnaca? Well first of all, congratulations. Second, maybe pace yourself so you don't get sick of the game before Bethesda adds in customizable difficulty and New Game+ mode next month.

The publisher announced today it will be adding the two new features - plus more, as-of-yet unannounced content - as part of a free update scheduled for December. Bethesda's being coy right now, but promises that the update will follow the "play your way" philosophy that Dishonored 2 adheres to. In fact, they've got a new behind-the-scenes trailer talking all about said philosophy:

I haven't completed the campaign as either Corvo or Emily yet, but I already foresee myself and plenty of you reading this losing many, many hours to Dishonored 2. Especially with impending New Game+. Yeesh.

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