Dirty Harry lays down the law

A new trailer of the Dirty Harry game for PS3 and Xbox 360 gives you a good look at the character model for the legendary cop.

Published by Warner Bros Interactive and developed by The Collective (who did the recentDa Vinci Code game ), Dirty Harry puts you in control of Clint Eastwood's borderline-psycho cop Harry Callahan as he polices the streets of San Francisco.

The game fits into the Dirty Harry timeline somewhere between the first and second films, but WB has so far been quite secretive about the gameplay details. However, we have learned it will have some free-roaming aspects as Callahan tries to keep the streets safe. How Callahan does this is up to the gamer, but if he isn't tough enough, the crooks won't fear him; if he goes too far, he'll get in trouble with his superiors.

Clint Eastwood has already had some involvement with the plot and he's also lending his voice to the game along with other Hollywood greats, including Gene Hackman, who will portray police supervisor Al Bressler, and Laurence Fishburne, who will play Reverend Carlton Clay.

May 30, 2006