Diablo Immortal player $100k deep is throwing fights to avoid losing PvP access – again

The Diablo Immortal player who spent $100 thousand dollars and inadvertently lost PvP access is back and losing matches on purpose.

The saga of jtisallbusiness, as first reported by Eurogamer, saw the self-styled Diablo Immortal "whale" rack up a six-figure bill buying microtransactions and becoming ludicrously over-powered. However, that backfired when he found himself locked out of the game's PvP mode, Battlegrounds, due to matchmaking limitations, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a powerful character.

Now, jtisallbusiness is back, apparently thanks to a fix from Blizzard, but he's not yet ready to put all the money he spent to use in fights: "I'm literally just running around here dying, just appreciating being in Battlegrounds."

The streamer says he's throwing matches on purpose out of an abundance of caution, fearing that a series of wins could confuse the matchmaking system and land him right back where he was before.

"I'm pretty sure I don't actually have to die because they fixed it, but just to make sure. I don't even want to start my first [Battlegrounds match] with a win. I just wanted to start it with an L just to make sure, man. Just to make sure."

The video up top shows the streamer's first Battlegrounds match since losing PvP access a month-and-a-half ago, and he says he'll continue "taking Ls" on purpose until he's confident he won't be locked out again.

Though his goal was to lose the match, jtisallbusiness occasionally pushed for some kills and surprisingly met with considerable resistance. While he was able to rack up a few good killstreaks, he was also beaten legitimately several times, apparently because the server he joined was populated by other whales.

In case you missed it, in June we reported on a Diablo Immortal player who used $50,000 worth of WoW gold to absolutely flatten "cash whales."

Jordan Gerblick

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