Diablo III: Blizzard lays down the law on Hatred, Fury and Arcane Power

Because a well-informed player community is a happy one, Blizzard's new Diablo III community siteis already making good on the company's promise to include plenty of content besides the standard “concept art and character bios” stuff. Posted recently is an extensive run-down on the inner resources specific to each character and how these will affect the gameplay experience. Back in the day, you'd have to thumb through the manual for this sort of info – now it's right there on the internet, nestled between your Facebook and GamesRadar tabs.

Above: The orbs of Arcane Power, Spirit, Hatred and Discipline

As explained by Blizzard, skill powers differ more between character classes than in previous installments. While the Witch-Doctor's swirling blue globe of Mana will be familiar to anyone who's lobbed a fireball or donned magical raiments, resources like the Monk's combo-centric Spirit, or the Demon-Hunter's two-pronged balance of Hatred and Discipline, will require hack-and-slash players to refine their technique a little to avoid being caught out with an empty globe and a screenful of malevolent critters. Check out the full list of powers and skill-examples at Blizzard's blog.

Aug 31, 2011