Diablo 4's day one patch probably won't nerf your Server Slam build

Diablo 4
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Your overpowered builds from Diablo 4's Server Slam might still exist in the final game.

When Diablo 4's Server Slam open beta launched earlier this month, we saw a bunch of borderline broken character builds, as is pretty much standard with any open beta revolving around a game with customizable character builds. You might think these overpowered builds wouldn't be permitted in the final game, but you'd surprisingly be mistaken for assuming that.

Diablo 4 associate game director Joseph Piepiora took to Twitter yesterday on May 30 to reveal that the version of Diablo 4 people played for the Server Slam was actually a version of the day one game. This means the open beta version of Blizzard's game is actually what we'll be playing for ourselves when Diablo 4 launches next week on June 6.

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Piepiora even writes that there'll be "very few" changes between the Server Slam and launch versions of Diablo 4. This means that, barring the "very few" changes here being modifications for character builds, you can basically recreate any overpowered characters you had in the Server Slam for the final version of Diablo 4.

But pump the brakes on your hopes for maintaining that supreme power. A Blizzard senior developer previously reassured players in an interview that they'd be keeping an eye on characters builds after launch, and if anything sticks out like a sore thumb in terms of power, Blizzard wouldn't be afraid to nerf character builds.

It's really not surprising that Blizzard's keeping an eye on character builds - a busted build makes for a less fun game from Blizzard's perspective, and the studio will obviously want to keep a tight lid on exploits. At least we can take comfort in knowing that the day one patch for Diablo 4 will probably be pretty minor, judging by Piepiora's comments of there being "very few" changes from the Server Slam build.

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