Diablo 4 dataminer uncovers evidence of World Tier 5, pointing to a new difficulty level

Diablo 4
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A Diablo 4 dataminer claims to have found evidence of a fifth World Tier, which will potentially offer players the chance to dial up the difficulty even further.

DataMineRPG, who had been following Diablo Immortal up until the release of Diablo 4, said they found in-game artwork outlining World Tier 5 in the game's files. That would suggest that Blizzard is working on a new Diablo 4 World Tier, potentially to be added in a future update.

DataMineRPG acknowledges that the artwork they uncovered might only be for testing purposes, as they've yet to unveil any extra details about the new tier. However, they do claim that "the data also provides a clear hint of the existence of World Tier 5, as there is already a marker placeholder that will likely point towards the Capstone Dungeon in Fractured Peaks to unlock it."

Elsewhere, the datamine features increased Diablo 4 gems ranks, with rank six, seven, and eight featured in the data. Lined up with the new Tier, and that might imply that Blizzard is offering further gear enhancements in line with the added difficulty. Given that World Tier 4 is recommended for levels 70+, a fifth tier does feel like some serious endgame stuff.

The studio hasn't commented on whether we'll see new difficulty levels in future, but current updates have been limited to balance and quality-of-life fixes. Given that two Diablo 4 expansions are already in development, an extra step in the challenge does seem likely, even if it's still some time away.

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