Devotion dev quietly announces its next game

A snap of a ghost peering at a student in the spooky sidescroller
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Developer redcandlegames has quietly let slip that it's busy working on its next game.

Below, you can see a tweet from the official redcandlegames Twitter account, letting followers know that the new Netflix series based on their game Detention is out now. Additionally, the developer reveals that the "studio has been busy working on a new game," and while they can't share any more information right now, they hope to very soon.

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While no details are available on redcandlegames' new project, perhaps it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest it'll revolve around horror. The studio's past two games, Detention and Devotion, were both very much in the horror genre, and while it's still possible to play the excellent Detention on PC and PS4, Devotion is no longer available on PC. 

Redcandlegames removed Devotion from Steam after an easter egg was discovered which Chinese gamers perceived as an insult to the nation's leader, XI Jinping. Currently, the developer states it has no plans to re-release Devotion on Steam, but has opened pre-orders for a physical edition of the game in Taiwan only. Fortunately, Devotion has been preserved at Harvard University as of earlier this year.

Meanwhile, I'd highly recommend playing Detention if you haven't already. A game that hauntingly portrays militarism and colonialism exceptionally well, you can usually find it for a bargain price on Steam and PS4. I'm also keen to check out the new Netflix adaptation of the game, which is out now on the streaming service.

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