Devil May Cry 5 TGS trailer shows off Dante gameplay, plus a mysterious new playable character

Devil May Cry 5 (opens in new tab) has been long-awaited by fans, so it was a bit surprising when, during the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference (opens in new tab), the reveal trailer largely focused on relative newcomer Nero as opposed to series mainstay Dante. Not to worry, though; a new trailer released during Tokyo Game Show has all the red-hot Dante action you could want (plus a few other surprises).

For the uninitiated wondering why the longtime DMC fans in your vicinity are grinning wickedly from ear to ear, let's break a few things down. First of all, Dante looks to be back and ready to party - he is the cocky, freewheeling smart-ass archetype to a T, and it's been too long since we saw that side of the character. I'm not sure if he's getting a shave from that blade-spinning demon or just enjoying the breeze, but either way it's a very Dante thing to do, as is using his motorcycle like a giant club.

Second, DMC5 seems to be looping in almost every disparate part of the Devil May Cry universe. The long-haired blonde woman and short-haired brunette who join him 45 seconds into the trailer are Trish and Lady, respectively. Trish was a quasi-antagonist, quasi-love interest from the first game, while Lady debuted in Devil May Cry 3 (which, to be clear, was a prequel). The girl with tattoos is Nico - she seems to be Nero's partner, but as she says in the trailer, it was her grandmother who crafted Dante's signature firearms.

That's right, the world of Devil May Cry is apparently one giant supernatural soap opera where everyone is related to or has secret history with everyone. And you know what? I'm here for it. At this point, we've got pretty much every major player on the field save for Dante's brother Vergil and Devil May Cry 2 co-star Lucia. Personally I'd love to see the latter get another turn in the spotlight, but I'm not holding my breath.

Lastly, we get an all-too brief tease of an entirely new character, known only as "V". He looks a bit like every emo band's lead singer, or sexy YA novel Kylo Ren, but I can dig it - after all, the Devil May Cry series has never taken itself too seriously (except DMC2, but we don't talk about that game) so why hold this guy to an unfair standard?

Oh sorry, did I say "lastly"? Because after the what-if-Adam-Driver-but-tattoos reveal and a title card showing the release date and platforms, we're given one more tease: the Mega Buster from Mega Man, which will be exclusive to the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition. Turns out the Blue Bomber's signature weapon is effective not just against renegade robots, but demons too:

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