Developer says World in Conflict suits consoles

RTS developer Massive Entertainment reckons that a more action-orientated approach is the way forward for the genre on console, and that its World in Conflict pretty much fits the bill.

"The potential is definitely there, and technically there is no problem running a RTS game on the next-gen consoles," Massive President Martin Walfisz toldus when asked whether he thinks PS3 and Xbox 360 can ever emulate the true PC RTS experience.

The difference between PC and console input devices is of course one of (if not the) main issues with the RTS genre on console. In an interview, Walfisz unsurprisingly targeted that, saying the console gamepad makes the playing experience quite different from a keyboard and mouse setup - however, he belives an RTS in the style of the developer's forthcoming World in Conflict could work well.

World in Conflict, Walfisz explained, "is much more visceral and action-oriented than traditional RTS titles, so if there's ever a game that could translate well to the consoles, it would be something like World in Conflict."

In the interview he also spoke about potential future development for World in Conflict, revealing that as Massive developed the game's universe over the past two years "we put aside a lot of cool ideas that would fit well into an expansion or sequel." But any beans on forthcoming WiC action will be spilled "when the time comes."

May 21, 2007