Devastating Joint Task Force screens

We've got some power-packed new screens from the upcoming 3D real-time strategy game Joint Task Force. We're not too easily impressed, but damn - evenwe have to admit that these screens look good.

JTF drops you into realistic war scenarios, stocked with modern mechanized ass-kickers like the M1A2 tank, the F-117 stealth bomber, and AH-64 battle 'copters. Using all your deadly toys efficiently is the key to victory. And while this batch of new screens does show several of the war machines playing nice together, they're also intended to show off the game's support for the Ageia PhysX card. Just like you'd have an add-on for better video or improved sound, the PhysX card offers improved explosions and more realistic game worlds. That's the sales pitch anyway, and while only a handful of games currently support the card, Joint Task Force is one of them. Extra hardware or not, you can still look forward to JTF's release in early September.

July 25, 2006