Check out Deus Ex Mankind Divided's new augmentations in action

There's a lot of interesting new augmentations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (opens in new tab) that really open up the options for gameplay - more stealth, more combat and loads more 'why's his hand opened up like a broken Rubik's Cube?' (PEPs gun if you want to get technical).

Here's a super quick run through for all Adam Jensen's new magic elbow bits to prep you. Much of it extends and progresses ideas from the last game, but really does seem to create more potential, giving you plenty more options for different play styles. This time around that mainly seems to be stealth, much better combat choices and a bigger focus on traversal.

If you want a bit more on the game then check out Joe's conversation with the art team about how Deus Ex will be less "piss coloured" (opens in new tab) this time. Which is... probably a good thing.

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