Deus Ex: Human Revolution Missing Link DLC gets teaser trailer

The new teaser trailer for the first Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC, The Missing Link, offers a look at the add-on that's due next month. Producer David Anfossi promises the DLC will depict “a vulnerable side of Adam like never before,” and the trailer plays to this angle right from the get: this is a far cry from the supercharged, neck-snapping Adam Jensen of previous promo materials.

Set within the story of Human Revolution, The Missing Link fills in a three-day gap. Stripped of any augmentations Adam's taken on thus far in the game, the DLC allows players to rebuild the agent from scratch – but only after surviving a series of challenges in un-augmented, only-human form.

So, not to rush you through one of the best experiences of 2011 – but if you don't want to be dodging spoilers-within-spoilers come October, you've got about a month to explore the game's story before the conspiracy takes on a whole new layer.

Sep 8, 2011