Detective Pikachu 2 is real, and it's coming this year

Detective Pikachu Returns
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Detective Pikachu Returns is out later this year on October 6.

As announced earlier today on June 21 in a brand new Nintendo Direct, the Detective Pikachu sequel has at long last emerged from the shadows with a brand new trailer. The new game is actually called Detective Pikachu Returns, and it'll be releasing later this year on October 6, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

As revealed during the trailer, it's once again up to Tim Goodman and Pikachu to solve another mystery. The new story seems to revolve around Mewtwo in some fashion, but a mystery is very much the name of the game in Detective Pikachu Returns, just like it was in the original game.

As ever, Pikachu's up to his old habits with chugging coffee by the gallon. Oh, and if you didn't already know, yes, this version of Pikachu is fully voiced, just like all the humanoid characters in Detective Pikachu Returns (and just like the Ryan Reynolds movie adaptation, we suppose).

It's been a surprisingly long time coming for the new game. Detective Pikachu 2 was first announced years ago, and we haven't seen or heard anything of the sequel since then. Until now, we've never even seen a gameplay trailer, or had a final title for the new game.

Detective Pikachu Returns will launch later this year on October 6, so there's just a few months to wait until we can finally get our hands on the long-awaited game.

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Hirun Cryer

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