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Destruction AllStars will keep players coming back with new modes, characters, and more

Destruction AllStars
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The Destruction AllStars roadmap will likely include new modes, vehicles, and characters throughout the rest of the year, but don't expect all that to start rolling out straight away.

Destruction AllStars just went live as a free PS Plus game and Sony xDev senior producer John McLaughlin offered an early outline at what's coming next in an interview with Eurogamer. It sounds like there won't be too much new content or big changes at first as players get to know the game and the developers track how people play and what they're enjoying the most. All of that will inform what comes to the arena next.

"While we've got a plan for the forthcoming year, we've got loads of cool stuff coming, we do want to engage with that community, we want to listen to what they're saying, McLaughlin said. "It's important for live services to be able to pivot, you know, and listen to what people are saying.

"We're hoping that people will enjoy all the modes. But I'm pretty sure that we still think that people really are drawn to it. And then it's a kind of, I mean, the game is quite modular. So when we've been playing it in development, it's kind of like we've had ideas within modes, that although we've settled on something, those ideas are still there. And we can quickly turn modes into something new. So there's always going to be something new to keep on coming back to so whether its modes, its cosmetics, it's actual new vehicles and characters and things like that, it's going to be a ton of stuff for people to come back and play."

It's always tough to predict how long the new multiplayer hotness will last, but Destruction AllStars is building on a solid foundation as a spiritual successor for an old PlayStation franchise.

Destruction AllStars is kicking of what promises to be a strong year of PS5 exclusives

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