Destiny's Superblack shader is finally obtainable years after being discovered, because raisins

Two of Destiny's greatest mysteries have been solved in one sugar-coated stroke: how do you get the Superblack shader that was datamined ages ago, and what are you supposed to do with those raisins? Now that the Festival of the Lost update is live in time for Halloween, a group of players on Reddit have discovered that you can trade the latter mysterious item to receive the former mysterious item. With a few steps in between.

Here's the breakdown, which you'll want to keep close at hand since it isn't laid out in-game. You can skip the first two steps if you kept your raisins from last year; they should already be Ascended.

  1. Do Eva Levante's Festival of the Lost quest where you get candy from various Tower personalities. More importantly, you'll get a TBoR (that's Tiny Box of Raisins) from noted fun-hater Eris Morn.
  2. Take your TBoR to the Speaker, who will turn them into Ascendant Raisins in exchange for 25 Motes of Light.
  3. Take the Ascendant Raisins to Zavala (the Titan Vanguard) and he'll give you some Salted Sweets in return. Dude likes to snack on glowing raisins, apparently.
  4. Take the Salted Sweets to the Cryptarch, Master Rahool. He'll reward you with a Winged Chew.
  5. Take the Winged Chew to Amanda Holliday, the Shipwright, who will repay you with some Splice Drops.
  6. Offer the Splice Drops to Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard / Robot Nathan Fillion, and he'll return the favor with some Unchocolate.
  7. Return to Eris Morn with an offer she can't refuse: Unchocolate in exchange for a Bag of Treats.
  8. Open the Bag of Treats, shriek with glee at your new Superblack shader, and stare blankly at the Piece of Celery that will sit in your bank for the next year waiting to become Ascendant Celery.

That's it! Enjoy your new shader (and celery) and don't forget to pick up the Lost Broom Sparrow while you're at it.

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