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Destiny's finally getting an official LFG tool next week

Destiny has solved a bunch of its biggest problems at this point, but finding groups for high-end activities like Raids remains a stumbling block for solitary players. Bungie still isn't going to enable matchmaking for all activities, but it is going to convert its Recruitment forum into a proper group-finding tool.

If you've ever used third-party sites like DestinyLFG, you'll be familiar with most of what Bungie is trying to do here: groups that are plainly labelled by what platform they're on, what they want to do, what requirements they have, and how many open slots they need to fill. You'll still need to invite players manually after finding a match, but at least you'll automatically have their Bungie account info. And since it's official, it will probably have a pretty sizable population.

Bungie plans to roll these new features out to the Destiny Companion (both in app form and via your browser) sometime next week. It sounds like it will be pretty nice to use, but hopefully we won't even have to bother with this sort of external solution in Destiny 2.

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Connor Sheridan
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