Destiny: The Taken King's strikes won't play the same twice

Bungie showed off the Shield Brothers strike from The Taken King today as it pushes toward the Destiny expansion's September 15 release date. Bungie wants strikes to be more meaningful and engaging in year two of Destiny, and to that end it’s mixing up how you experience them.

First, no two strike runthroughs are guaranteed to be the same; dialogue, enemy spawn locations and enemy types will change each time you load up and roll out. Second, Bungie wants to give strike bosses more personality in the way they behave. "We don't want them to just be a poopy bag of hit points," said James Tsai, lead designer of strikes. Third, strike bosses will drop loot unique to them, so some gear will only be acquirable through completing The Taken King's strikes.

To watch the whole stream, check out the archive below. I'm sure there are plenty of little details to nitpick, pull apart and hypothesize over as we wait for space-Satan to come avenge his son's death.

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Sam Prell

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