Destiny's Moments of Triumph are a lot of work for a damn name tag

Destiny's grown a lot in its first year, whether you remain a diehard Guardian or have settled down as a contented deserter. Either way, you have two months to clear out some of Destiny's greatest challenges and receive an exclusive reward.

The required Moments of Triumph include relatively simple tasks like completing all the story missions, longer haul objectives like winning 100 Crucible matches, and some truly tough challenges like finishing Prison of Elders on hard difficulty. You can check your progress on your profile, and you have until September 9 (the one year anniversary of Destiny's release date) to finish them all - though they're also rewarded retroactively, so you might already be done.

In exchange for proving yourself a true first-year Destiny champion, master of all tasks that Bungie has set before you, your grand reward will be… a new nametag. The Laurea Prima emblem, which includes a miniature version of the fancy tracking circle, will only ever be given to players who complete all the Moments of Triumph in time.

Keep in mind that the Laurea Prima is separate from the VIP rewards you can unlock by buying The Taken King, assuming you hit Light Level 30 or buy the first two expansions by August 31. Those rewards include a special armor shader, a unique Sparrow, and another exclusive emblem, all of which, um, sound a lot cooler than the Moments of Triumph reward. But maybe I'm just bitter because that paltry circle up top is, in fact, from my profile.

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