Destiny 2 will add more Stasis Aspects and Fragments in Year 4

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Bungie will add more Stasis Aspects and Fragments to Destiny 2 over the course of Year 4, as director Luke Smith confirmed in a new interview with Polygon.

"Our intention is to add more," Smith said simply. With Destiny 2's Witch Queen expansion poised to add another Darkness subclass in fall 2021, we can expect to see more Stasis powers released in the next nine months or so. Bungie hasn't mentioned these in its updated Season 13 and Season 14 plans, but that doesn't necessarily rule out Stasis updates for those seasons. 

As we explained in our Destiny 2: Beyond Light review, Stasis has a more robust customization system than the Light subclasses we've come to know and love. Rather than fixed skill nodes, Stasis lets players equip individual Aspects and Fragments which respectively add big and small bonuses and abilities to your kit. An Aspect can totally change your play style while a Fragment can make or break certain combos, so they're all extremely valuable. 

The trouble is, each class currently has two Stasis Aspect slots and two Aspects to equip, and while there are six Fragments total – with varying slots between classes – they're generally either excellent or useless depending on the rest of your loadout. In other words, there's no real room for decision-making with Aspects since you just default to the two you have, and the immediate selection of Fragments only allows for obvious synergies. 

The Stasis framework is fantastic and, again as we said in our review, could allow for some fantastic builds and theorycrafting once expanded, so it's great to hear that Bungie already has plans to add more Aspects and Fragments in future seasons. 

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