Destiny 2 treasure chests Oct 3-9: Here's where Cayde-6's loot is on the EDZ

Looking for Cayde-6's current loot locations? Then check out our complete Destiny 2 Cayde-6 treasure chests location guide.

Another week in Destiny 2, another set of Cayde-6 treasure chests to hunt down. This week, Cayde's shiny loot is lurking on the EDZ for your perusal.  Just remember to head over and see him in the Hangar at the Tower before heading to Devrim's territory.  

1. "So after a full day of pulling loot out of the Fallen's hands, I thought I would just cool my engines down by that old river, but as soon as I cached it all up down there, a Servitor shows up."

2. "You know, I used to think if it's marked a dead zone, it's my kind of place. Vanguard cured me of that, but I left plenty behind there back in the day. Third-floor balcony, above the alley. Loved that spot... Hope the Fallen haven't got to it."

3. "This place is full of old containers. Don't bother raiding them all - I already did. They're all filled with shoes. Mountains of Golden Age footwear, and not a thing in my size."

4. "So once you get up there, don't be afraid to strut it on the catwalk. We both know the importance of looking good."

5. "New lead from Hawthorne. Not really much to go on, something about a fan. I know I must have a lot of them, so if you see one down in the EDZ, maybe ask them?"

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