Destiny 2 Steam version confirmed as Bungie completes its Activision/ breakup


Destiny 2 is coming to Steam on September 17 and it's taking all current PC players along for the ride. Ever since Bungie and Activision split up, Destiny 2's future on the launcher has been uncertain. Bungie revealed its Steam plans for Destiny 2's PC version in a developer stream today (which followed its reveal as a Google Stadia launch title), and later clarified that players will be able to move their characters from to Steam in the weeks (or months) leading up to the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep when the shift is finalized. 

Bungie is framing Steam as Destiny 2's "new home" on PC and talking about the process as a move, which implies that the game won't remain on much longer than it must for a smooth transition. Bungie said more information about transferring accounts will be shared this summer. The studio assured players that "current characters, gear, and progress" including milestones and DLC purchases will all transfer smoothly to Steam, which is good news. 

We also know Destiny 2 cross save support is on the way, allowing players to bring their Guardians to whichever platform they use. That should make any potential disconnect between the version and the Steam version less troublesome, though it's always a hassle to get a new install sorted out and update your friends list. 

Assuming Destiny 2 is removed from within a few weeks of its arrival on Steam, it will have lasted just under two years on the platform; it was the first non-Blizzard property to be hosted on (Blizzard is part of the same parent company as Activision) and was followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 the next year. Destiny 2 was the result of a publishing arrangement between Bungie and Activision but Call of Duty is owned and operated exclusively by Activision, so I wouldn't expect that arrangement to change any time soon.

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