Destiny 2 players on PS4 get an exclusive Strike, PvP map, ship, and gear - here's what they look like

Planning to pick up Destiny 2 this week but not sure for which system? Well, if you opt for the PS4 version, you'll get a sweet bundle of digital goodies exclusive to Sony's console until fall of 2018 - including a Strike, Crucible map, and ship to carry your righteous fury through space.

We've caught a glimpse at this exclusive content before thanks to a trailer from E3 2017, but now Bungie and Activision have released new, high-res images so you can gawk at your leisure. So let's check 'em out, one-by-one.

PS4 Exclusive Strike: Lake of Shadows

Taken are rising from the depths and flowing into the European Dead Zone. But Oryx, the Taken King, is dead... right? Fight through and find the source of the infestation, then put a stop to it.

PS4 Exclusive Crucible Map: Retribution

Okay, I'm not much of a PvP player, but this sounds pretty cool. Retribution is set inside a capital ship stolen from the Cabal, currently orbiting Mars. I'm a sucker for implied lore, and the idea that we successfully whooped the Red Legion bad enough to take one of their vessels makes me smile.

PS4 Exclusive Weapon: Exotic Sniper Rifle - Borealis

For those just catching up, Destiny 2 has three types of elemental damage: Solar (fire), Arc (electric), and Void (uh... darkness?). Most weapons are attuned to only have one type of element, but Borealis can swap between all three.

PS4 Exclusive Armor: Tesseract Trace, Terra Concord, Icarus Drifter

One set of armor per class: the Tesseract Trace for Warlocks, Terra Concord for Titans, and Icarus Drifter for Hunters. Fun fact: according to Bungie, the Terra Concord armor was built from the remains of an orbiting city that crashed to Earth. That's pretty hardcore.

PS4 Exclusive Ship: City Apex

This blue-and-white streak is quite the upgrade from the clunker that got you off-planet in the original Destiny, that's for sure.

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