Destiny 2: Forsaken - Ascendant challenge location and guide (Week 4: September 25 - October 2)


With the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie has significantly fleshed out endgame content for its shared world shooter with new activities, challenges, and recurring tasks that update and refresh with every weekly reset. Once such activity is the Ascendant Challenge, which is a new Bounty that can be picked up from Peta in The Dreaming City. 

The location and nature of Ascendant Challenges change every week, but they're generally fairly simple objectives that can be completed within a handful of minutes, and are worth doing for filling up Petra's weekly challenge meter for new rewards. Before you can begin an Ascendant Challenge, however, you'll need to use a Tincture of Queensfoil, an item in Destiny 2: Forsaken that "opens your mind to the secrets of the Dreaming City." In other words, it's a space drug that lets you participate in the challenges by entering the portals in which they take place. 

Tincture of Queensfoil can drop from engaging in any activity within The Dreaming City; patrols, public events, strikes... you name it, and there's a decent likelihood the item will fall into your inventory. That makes farming Tincture of Queensfoil a fairly straightforward process, but the effect only lasts for 30 minutes when used, so they are a finite resource that you'll need to keep collecting if you intend to complete Destiny 2's Ascendant Challenges every week.

You can also purchase Tincture of Quuensfoil from a skull named Huginn, located in a room in Harbinger's Seclude. He'll trade you one Queensfoil for 50 Baryon Boughs, which are a plant resource picked up from dispersed areas around the Dreaming City. If you're really struggling for a random drop, then, Huginn is your guy. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Ascendant Challenge Week 4

To complete Week 4's Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2: Forsaken (which will run from September 25 to October 2), make sure you have at least one Tincture of Queensfoil handy and have picked up the respective Bounty from Petra Venj in The Dreaming City, who's can now be found in Rheasilvia .

From there, head over to the building in the North East of Rheasilva, and follow its main corridor all the way through to the very end. You'll spot a large statue with a bunch of corrupted orbs surrounding it, and the portal can be viewed at the top, once you've consued your Tincture of Queensfoil, that is. Use the corrupted orbs to platform your way to the statue's peak, and enter the portal to head to the Keep of Honed Edges in the Ascendant Realm and begin the challenge itself. 

Week 4's challenge requires to first platform across a series of hovering rocks in the dark. They can be difficult to perceive with the limited visibility, but take it slow and you'll eventually reach the main section of the challenge; a fight against several Taken enemies. 

There'll be three Knights in the middle, immune to damage until you've killed the surrounding adds, at which point the sword in the middle of the area will become available to use. Pick this up, and finish off the Knights and newly spawned mobs, at which point you'll need to platform across another section, this time filled with enemies along the way. 

Not only that, but certain platforms will dissapear a short while after you've landed on them, so you can't be as patient as before. Instead, move quickly towards the large platform with the glowing blue chest sitting atop it, which will complete this week's Ascendant Challenge and allow you to redeem the Bounty in your inventory for high-level gear. 

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