Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost has finally begun, here's the official trailer

While you're probably still busy exploring all the new stuff in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Bungie has officially kicked off the Festival of the Lost with a spooky new sizzle trailer. The neon-lit trailer shows some of the fun activities you can do to remember the lost Guardians of ages past, and the new loot you can use to slay space monsters in their memory (including a sweet auto rifle with a minimum Power Rating of 950).

The Festival of the Lost began today and will run until November 19, making it a video game Halloween event you can enjoy straight into Black Friday game deals season. The most important part of the event is collecting paper masks, allowing everyday Guardians to live their dreams of cosplaying as Eris Morn, a Hive Acolyte, or an extremely haunted recreation of The Drifter.

You can earn the masks by collecting Chocolate Strange Coins from bounties and other activities, or simply by killing enemies while you have a mask equipped. You'll need to pick up a Masquerader's Helmet from Eva Levante and apply them as ornaments if you want to join the costume party.

It wouldn't be Destiny without multiple currencies flowing like a loosely regulated exchange booth, so you can also collect candies and exchange them for Mystery Grab Bags and the aforementioned machine gun. It's a Braytech Werewolf, and if you're still chasing the cap, its fully masterworked minimum 950 Power Level will be a pretty nice boost. To earn your candies ASAP you can set to ghostbusting the Haunted Forest, a seasonally appropriate version of the Infinite Forest.

Destiny 2 is already a game about a bunch of zombies prowling around our post-apocalyptic solar system, looking for valuables and things to kill. Since you play as those zombies year-round, it is nice to get a dedicated Halloween event as well.

Celebrate the season of blood and rancor by checking your PvP stats in the player-made Destiny 2 Crucible app.

Connor Sheridan

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