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Destiny 2 crossplay accidentally goes live, but will be taken down later this week

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 crossplay support has accidentally been activated months before it was due to arrive.

Players discovered that they were able to play with others users on different consoles earlier this week. Shortly afterwards, Bungie lead community manager Cozmo tweeted confirming that some players had been "able to get a sneak peek at crossplay." 

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Cozmo went on to clarify that the feature was not intended to have gone live yet - Bungie has previously suggested crossplay would be arriving this autumn - and that as a result the current iteration "is not representative of the full experience." They also confirm that Bungie "will be implementing a fix to remove public access later this week," but said that before then players should "feel free to partake."

Players have found a number of different ways to join up with their friends. As spotted by Eurogamer, some simply discovered users on different consoles sitting in their Roster menus, and were able to join their parties from there. Elsewhere, users who own the game on both console and PC via Steam can force the game to acknowledge friend requests across platforms, as long as they're running both versions of the game at once.

While Bungie is planning to pull access soon, the sudden arrival of crossplay seems to have been a pleasant surprise for players, and is also likely to provide the developer some welcome feedback. Bungie's been teasing a Destiny 2 crossplay beta on its way as part of the new Season of the Splicer, but there's been little word on exactly when that'll arrive, and even less word on when the fully-fledged feature will show up.

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