Destiny 2 community summit teasers spark hopes for player-requested changes

Destiny 2
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According to teasers from a few Destiny 2 content creators, Bungie recently held a virtual summit to directly collect feedback from members of the game's community. Historically, these summits have contributed to good news for struggling game modes, so the community's eager to see what changes are in store this time. 

Creative lead Tom Farnsworth shared posts from D_Flawless, CoolGuy, and GernaderJake, all basically saying the same thing in different ways: Bungie invited them to a virtual meeting to hash things out with some members of the development team. They couldn't share what was on the table, no doubt due to a tight NDA, but the message is clear.

GernaderJake put it this way: "The opportunity to pitch ideas, suggest changes, and help contribute to the path of this life changing game was something I’ll never forget. Trust me, the future of Destiny 2 is bright." 

CoolGuy echoed his thoughts, reaffirming that "Destiny is in full stride, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to, Guardians. I won’t talk specifics, but I can tell you I was floored. In a good way. Based on yesterday, they are absolutely listening. And doing. Lots of doing." 

Again, we don't know what issues or improvements Bungie's targeting at the moment, but I'd wager Trials of Osiris was at least on the menu. It's easily the most troubled mode in the game, and I'm not just talking about the exploits that led to it being canceled repeatedly. The studio's PvP team recently committed to a total overhaul of the Trials reward system, and they're also looking into ways to make it more accessible to players who don't live in the Crucible. Looping in PvP enthusiasts, if only to bounce ideas off of them, would be a logical step in that process. 

Outside of Destiny, Bungie's working on a new IP planned for 2025.

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