Destiny 2: Beyond Light Gamescom trailer reveals Stasis subclass names and more powers

A new trailer for the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion was released at today's Gamescom Opening Night showcase, and it outlines the new subclasses we'll get to play this fall.

We've known for months that Stasis will give every class a new elemental subclass to play, but we're only just now getting the names for those subclasses. Warlocks will play as Shadebinders who wield a scepter that can freeze and shatter enemies using orbs and explosive blasts. Hunters become Revenants armed with twin scythes, a massive vortex-style grenade, and a ricochet throwing knife. And finally, Titans can play as Behemoths who literally hold the power of Stasis in the palm of their hand (and then smash people with it).

It's nice to have names for the new subclasses, especially with Bungie hyping them up as the most customizable subclasses in Destiny 2. The exact details remain to be seen, but the gist is that unlike the locked skill nodes on other subclasses, Stasis classes have more flexible skill trees. This suggests players will be spending quite a lot of time playing on Stasis, so it's good to know the names we'll be carrying in the months ahead.

This trailer also showed us more of the Stasis supers in action. We've seen the Revenant scythes a few times before, but Shadebinders and Behemoths really took center stage here. Similarly, the option to use Stasis abilities to construct walls and platforms – which was previously skewed toward Hunter gameplay – has now been shown from all three perspectives. Stasis looks like a fun bag of tricks, so we're looking forward to wielding it when Beyond Light drops on November 10. 

Another Stasis trailer released in July showed a broader suite of abilities as well as a new Exotic weapon. 

Austin Wood

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