Dennis Hopper driving Dolan's Cadillac

With 1408 about to arrive and Frank Darabont busily filming an adaptation of The Mist, the cottage industry that is turning Stephen King stories into novels is alive, well, and ready to employ more thesps.

Dennis Hopper is planning to star in Dolan’s Cadillac, taken from King’s Nightmares And Dreamscapes collection. It tells the tale of mild-mannered schoolteacher Tom Robinson, whose wife is murdered after she witnesses a mob execution ordered by crime boss, Jimmy Dolan (Hopper).

Burning with rage and ripe for revenge, Robinson goes against even the local Vegas law enforcement in an attempt to get even for his wife’s slaughter – and his target is Dolan, the ruthless and untouchable owner of one of the city’s biggest casinos.

It all sounds like Ocean’s Eleven meets Straw Dogs, and will start shooting this April in Sin City. That’s Vegas, not the real Sin City…