Demon's Souls patch notes are being written by the community after the latest quiet update

Demon's Souls PS5
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Bluepoint Games has just released a suprise new update for Demon's Souls, but strangely enough, official patch notes have not been released. Nevertheless, the Demon's Souls community were kind enough to share their finds on the official PS5 subreddit.

Some small changes include network setting problems and changes, as well as UI quality of life fixes, wheras other game changing one's address bugs, glitches, and exploits. It also seems that the PS5 controller has been updated to feature new sound effects during gameplay. The list is fairly long, but we're here to break it down for you.

Here's what the Demon's Souls community has discovered, so far:

Demon's Souls patch notes

  • Activity Cards for warping to Archstones now function correctly.
  • Message appraisals now display correctly, the text and numbers no longer overlap.
  • Network setting “Invasion Limit” has been removed.
  • Network setting “Server Selection” now displays the correct latency(ms). The closest server should now show the lowest ping.
  • With “Show Helmet” off in the options, a new crossed out eye icon will show on the helmet in the UI.
  • Golden Coin glitch has been fixed.
  • Ring of Magical Nature would give a free spell slot by attuning a spell with it equipped, attuning a spell and then removing it. This has been fixed.
  • Ring of Longevity rapid health regeneration when equipping and removing has been fixed.
  • Damage numbers now capped to the enemy’s total health.
  • Some new DualSense sound effects added for item uses such as consuming warrior/hero souls.
  • Players are no longer able to break the standard progression route.
  • As originally intended, you can now obtain the Large Sword of Searching from any curved sword, not just from a scimitar.
  • When you reload your current area at an archstone, the menu selection will no longer change to the farthest archstone of that world.
  • In the Old Monk PVP encounter, you no longer have to watch the cutscene every time as an invader.
  • It’s no longer possible to use any gender's armor type by switching body type at the statue.
  • Soul signs now show the player’s PSN name instead of their character name.
  • The host no longer receives Souls from defeated invading phantoms.
  • De-leveling during PvP no longer exists under any circumstances.
  • The Black Eye Stone cannot bypass level range restrictions with the use of a password.
  • Previously, when wearing the Ring of Regeneration with the HUD set to dynamic, the status bars wouldn't disappear even when health was fully restored, now it correctly disappears at max health.
  • As an Invader, the character's health bar will now correctly match the Old Monk’s health bar.
  • After cooperation, players now get extra time before going back to their own world - enough for a gesture or two of celebration, rather than instantly freezing and disappearing.
  • Trying to retrieve something from storage will now tell the player they can't when it exceeds their item burden. Before, it just wouldn’t give any indication.
  • Former Noble's Wife's will now hear her singing throughout the level.
  • The White Eye Stone no longer works when you kill a boss. This means that Blue Phantoms will now always be returned to their world in body form.

We'll keep this list updated for your convenience, until BluePoint Games release official patch notes and, if you're just getting started, check out our complete Demon's Souls guide.

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