Deca Sports - secret hero team uncovered

If you've be playing Deca Sports and thinking you might be missing something heroic or a free wristband, you're right! The unlockable superheroes have been leaked:

Unlock the Deca Sports superheroes - beat all ten events on hard.

Once you've unlocked the team, you can follow the contest linkhereand enter to win a $200 dollar gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods (don't worry, cards are redeemable online). Just by correctly registering for the contest you automatically get a swanky wristband. Wow, what a deal!

There's a bunch of legal talk and important rules on the contest page, so be sure you read all that stuff so you don't get in trouble. Other than that, please enjoy your new sporting equipment and wrist accessories while perusing the super Deca Sports team pictures below:

Aug 12, 2008

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