Mario Kart meets Mirror's Edge in the world premiere of Deathsprint 66

The desperate back-and-forth racing chaos of Mario Kart meets the parkour peril of Mirror's Edge, the spectator sport of The Finals, and the ultraviolence of ancient Rome's gladiatorial arena in Deathsprint 66, which just got its world premiere during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase after an initial debut in Edge magazine.

In 2066, with much of the world ravaged by climate change, humanity has rallied together in a few remaining enclaves. Thankfully, the cities we left behind proved to be the perfect parkour playground, and it didn't take long before the incredibly bloodthirsty Deathsprint races began. Players will race though these decaying urban landscapes, sprinting across fallen buildings in a somewhat more violent twist on the freerunning of Mirror's Edge.

Deathsprint 66 is very much a spectator sport, and those spectators thirst for blood. Likened to the 'bread and circuses' of the gladiator's arena - hence the comparison to virtual spectator sport The Finals -  the violence inherent to these races is a scary prospect - bladed twists on the Green and Red Shells from Mario Kart threaten to chop off the hand of any racer unlucky enough to find themselves in their path, and anyone seriously unlucky risks getting cut clean in half.

Deathsprint 66 doesn't have a release date yet, but developer Sumo has confirmed that its new sports game will be coming to PC some time in 2024 (with a possible console release in the game's future if it's popular enough), so make sure to mark your calendars for chaos.

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Ali Jones
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