Death Stranding turns Hideo Kojima into a murderous goo monster in his secret Easter egg

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

 Our guide to Death Stranding cameos has a who's-who of surprising folks you can find all across the game's expansive map. But if you want to find the face of Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima himself, you'll need to look somewhere much darker and more disturbing than a prepper's shelter. It turns out that Kojima is hiding within the nightmares of poor Sam Porter Bridges.

You'll need to pass  some time in Sam's private room in order to see the cameo for yourself. Unfortunately, there's no known way to guarantee he'll show up, so you'll just need to busy yourself in there. Have you considered inspecting some figurines, or perhaps pounding Monster Energy Drinks? Though that could interfere with the whole sleep thing… Anyway, once Kojima is ready, the nightmare begins.

A pool of black BT fluid suddenly well ups around Sam's feet, and a pair of hands grab him by the ankles. The camera pans up to Sam's face as he struggles to escape, then down to the monster's emerging face which is… sporting a trendy pair of glasses and familiar haircut. Yep, that's Hideo Kojima as a BT, even if you can't see his skin under all that goo. Then Sam wakes up and the BT is gone.

Beyond the box saying "A Hideo Kojima Game", Kojima has a history of sneaking himself into his productions. He appeared as a recruitable soldier in Metal Gear Solid 5 and Peace Walker, and before that he appeared in a portrait in the original Metal Gear Solid. This is the first time he's been a monster made out of goo, though it was pretty scary to see his first name pop up in that one Psycho Mantis fakeout screen too. Back then I thought it was just a typo.

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