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Death Stranding player discovers bonus cutscene of exhausted Sam

Death Stranding baby
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

A Death Stranding player has discovered a bonus cutscene that can only be triggered upon reaching a certain criteria. 

According to a Reddit post by u/aadipie (opens in new tab) that was shared in the game’s Subreddit, in order to get this short bonus scene, BB needs to be autotoxemic and Sam needs to be near death with exhaustion. The bonus scene will play once Sam drops into a facility to recuperate. 

If BB is autotoxemic and Sam's near dead with exhaustion here's a bonus cutscene that plays out when dropping into a facility. from r/DeathStranding

The brief 25 second clip features Sam arriving at a facility with BB in tow where the porter places the baby in the bridge baby recovery system pod. Once it is secured in the machine and its stress levels begin to decrease, Sam collapses face-first where he tries to catch his breath and attempts to recover from whatever draining ventures players had previously put him through. 

If players feel inclined to trigger this cutscene themselves, they better be prepared to push Sam and BB to their limits. First of all, Sam needs to get his stamina low. Sam loses stamina by doing pretty much anything excessively. This includes running, facing the elements, or fighting. Repeatedly doing this without any respite will exhaust Sam.

This isn’t the only criteria though, as players also need to wear out BB. To do this (if you can handle the guilt) you need to stress out the little bridge baby enough for it to develop autotoxemia. Sam can cause upset to BB by falling from heights, wading through deep water for too long, being spotted by BTs, and many other ways. A combination of all of these distressing scenarios for both Sam and BB will cause the above cutscene to trigger when the pair does eventually reach a facility. 

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