Doctor Strange investigates the Death of Doctor Strange in #2 preview

The Death of Doctor Strange #2 excerpt
The Death of Doctor Strange #2 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Following the surprising events of September 22's The Death of Doctor Strange #1 (which you can read about in our spoiler-filled Death of Doctor Strange #1 rundown), the next issue is exploring the ramifications of what happened and sets up what could happen next.

And as you can expect, it's full of spoilers if you haven't read the first issue.

Be prepared for spoilers about The Death of Doctor Strange #1.

First off, here's The Death of Doctor Strange #2 preview by writer Jed MacKay, artist Lee Garbett, and colorist Antonio Fabela:

Following the death of Doctor Strange, a younger version of the Sorcerer Supreme - from his time as a first-year student in the mystic arts - has appeared. We're nicknaming him 'Doogie Strange,' and he has his hands full - literally - in this The Death of Doctor Strange #2 preview with his older self's one-time lover, Clea.

Doogie Strange wouldn't know much of her, however, as given the clues from his costume he comes from a time where he had only just glimpsed her as a captive prisoner of Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension.

She's grown a lot since then, becoming the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

They have no time to get better acquainted from the looks of this The Death of Doctor Strange #2 preview, however, as they - along with the others who amassed following the older Strange's death - are confronted by three all-new Marvel villains called 'The Three Mothers.'

Created by MacKay and Garbett, the Three Mothers look like something out of a Clive Barker nightmare - and their arrival is something Marvel itself is comparing to the debut of Thanos' Dark Order.

Check out Garbett's designs for the Three Mothers - the Wyrd, the Crown, and the Crawling - here:

The arrival of the Three Mothers and Clea could all be tied to the death of the older Doctor Strange, which resulted in a breakdown of a barrier spell he, as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, placed on the planet to prevent extra-dimensional invasions. Three other dimensions broke through at the end of The Death of Doctor Strange #1 already, but these appearances would signal more.

For Clea's Dark Dimension, this comes at a particularly sensitive moment as its despotic tyrant, Dormammu (Clea's uncle), was recently defeated in the finale of 'The Last Annihilation' in Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (the series's surprise final issue) which might leave a power vacuum back in his home realm. 

The Death of Doctor Strange #2's primary cover is by Kaare Andrews. There will be variant covers by Joe Jusko (a re-used Marvel Masterpieces art), Dan Panosian, RB Silva, and Todd Nauck. Check out the released The Death of Doctor Strange #2 covers so far here: 

The Death of Doctor Strange #2 (of 5) goes on sale on October 20. A paperback collection of all five The Death of Doctor Strange issues is scheduled for March 15, 2022.

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