Deadpool gets the 'Black, White & Blood' treatment for his 30th anniversary

Deadpool: Black, White & Blood
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Deadpool is the latest comic book character getting into the limited color palette game. On the heels of Batman: Black & White, Superman: Red & Blue, Wolverine: Black, White & Blood, and Carnage: Black, White & Blood comes Deadpool: Black, White & Blood.

Marvel's Merc with the Mouth gets his Black, White & Blood turn in August, as part of Deadpool's 30th-anniversary celebration.

The series was announced by Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski during this week's Deadpool Nerdy Thirty virtual event.

"Deadpool: Black, White & Blood will be packed with Deadpool's wildest stories to date, all depicted in a prestige black and white format—with a heavy splattering of blood all over!" reads Marvel's description. 

"Each action-packed issue will have an all-star lineup of creators teaming up to honor the character's incredible legacy with the kind of chaos and violence that Wade Wilson loves!"

Declan Shalvey cover to Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The publisher doesn't name the all-star line-up, but you can likely expect Deadpool co-creators Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld to be involved and fans would probably well receive a reteaming of writer Joe Kelly and artist Ed McGuinness, who defined much of the current character's signature attributes in what was Deadpool's his first ongoing series.

The one creator Marvel did name was Declan Shalvey, who drew the announcement image.

This is the latest in what is likely more Deadpool 30th anniversary celebrations this year. On March 3 Marvel will publish the first - the Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1, a one-shot special anthology featuring a host of creators -including Nicieza, Liefeld, Kelly, and McGuinness plus Gail Simone, Daniel Way, and more telling Deadpool stories (but in standard color).

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