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Deadmau5 treats coming to Rocket League in February

It's been a big week for fans of gaming's greatest hybrid of football, driving and train noises. First up was the excellent news that a second season of Rocket League (opens in new tab) is to kick off in February, by way of an upcoming patch. Now Psynoix has announced free content as part of the same update, inspired by one of the world's greatest DJs. No, not Nick Grimshaw, but Deadmau5.

Specifically, the content encompasses a Deadmau5 themed antenna and topper with which to pimp your customised vehicle. It mightn't sound like much written down, but on the cuteness-out-of-ten scale it's right up there with baskets of kittens and the first 45 minutes of Wall-E. And, remember, it's free.

Still not convinced? The topper is animated, too!

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The Canadian artist is known to be a huge fan of the game, having previously streamed matches on his Twitch channel (opens in new tab).

Season two of Rocket League switches up its rankings system for the better, and makes some cosmetic changes to the results screens. More details direct from Psyonix here (opens in new tab).

Rocket League is out now for PC and PS4, and due on Xbox One in February.

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