Dead Space leads PLAY's huge Games Of 2023 special

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PLAY #22 is out now, and it’s the time of year to look ahead. Within the pages of this Games Of 2023 special, we have heaps of incredible previews taking a look at everything that’ll be lighting up your life across PS5, PSVR2, and PS4 next year. Our cover game, Dead Space, will be kicking things off in a big way come January, with a luxurious PS5 remake that really pushes what’s possible on the new console.

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Games Of 2023 Preview Special

Dead Space

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We spent plenty of time talking with some of the team at EA Motive about the big PS5 remake, revealing how they revelled in upping the gore factor, how they’ve changed the games in some interesting ways, and how they’ve leveraged PS5’s power to enhance the original, from gorgeous lights to creepy shadows.

Street Fighter 6

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But that’s not all! We packed as many games we’re excited about as we could into the feature, including heaps of hands-ons. From more details on the games you’re looking forward to, and hopefully some new ones to add to your list, there’s something for everyone.

Resident Evil 4

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While 2023 is definitely looking like a great year for horror, thanks in part to the sheer fidelity and level of immersion possible on current-gen consoles, that’s not all next year has to offer (though we do have some great deep dives on Resident Evil 4 and Dead Island 2). We also get into Like A Dragon: Ishin, Forspoken, Final Fantasy 16, Street Fighter 6, Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, and more!

PSVR2: priced, dated, and games revealed

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

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But how about some festive cheer? PlayStation has finally given us the gift of PSVR2 launch details – if you can call the steep price a ‘gift’. While the cost will limit the audience, there’s no getting around how impressive a piece of kit it is, and fortunately unlike its predecessor it has the games to match.

It’ll launch with first-party support in Horizon Call Of The Mountain, with plenty more to come, and some mega-sized third-party titles too. Let’s hope the release momentum in February can build throughout the year, rather than stall.

A feast of reviews

Sonic Frontiers

(Image credit: Future, SEGA)

The blockbusters continue into this issue’s reviews section, including big new launches with Sonic Frontiers and The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me. One was a pleasant suprise - but we’ll leave which is which for you to discover.

Plus: Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Return To Monkey Island, The Chant, Gungrave GORE, and more! We also take a longer look at Resident Evil Re:Verse and Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

RetroStation: the best Metal Gear you never played

Metal Gear Solid X Ape Escape

(Image credit: Future, Konami, Sony)

You know we can’t resist getting old school with the RetroStation. This month we take a big look at the Metal Gear Solid and Ape Escape crossovers, talking to the voice actors involved for behind-the-scenes details.

We also dust off Fate/EXTRA, which remains a very unique PSP RPG, Yakuza 5’s 10th anniversary, the history of Christmas, and beyond!

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