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Dead Space and Infinity Blade upgraded for iPad 2

Both Infinity Blade and Dead Space 2 for iPad have received a new coat of paint and optimization updates in anticipation of today's iPad 2 launch in the US. Which is great -because after spending an entire day lining up and battling crowds for Apple's latest uber gadget, iOS gamers are going to want at least something new to play.

Last week, Chair Entertainment released a ton of free new content for Infinity Blade including new dungeons, items, enemies and arenas. Today, the developer is extending its generosity with an update that will “utilize the enhanced visual capabilities of the iPad 2.” The game, bonus content and all, is nowselling for $5.99.

Dead Space 2's iOSaugmentations areatad more meaty. On top of providing enhanced graphics, EA's update will grant free reign over the look sensitivity, and allow players to invert the Y-axis to suit their style. These tweaks are also available for the regular iPhone and iPad versions.Dead Space for iPad(s)has also beencut down to $6.99.

Though the updates are skin deep, they are free. Going forward, games will no doubt build with the iPad 2's specs in mind from the start, but for now, these are two solid options for early adopters looking to kill some time while they recover from the inevitable Apple Store stampedes.


Mar 11, 2011

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