Dead Rising 2: High Stakes Edition is packed with swag, chance to win a life-size zombie

Feeling lucky? Then prepare yourself for the most roulette-balls-out version of Dead Rising 2, it really… drives home the setting. There’s no ambiguity here - the limited High Stakes Edition of the upcoming zombie massacre game is all poker and blood.

All this bling is only available if you pre-order through Capcom's official online store - the edition isn’t being sold anywhere else. So what all comes in this basket of goodies?

- 100 poker chips in four different colors, imprinted with the Fortune City logo
- Two decks of "blood-stained" playing cards
- Five green dice
- A "blood-stained" dealer button
- A Fortune City map
- A downloadable code for the "Psycho" DLC pack
- A black case with the Fortune City logo
- Of course, the Dead Rising 2 game

Where else are you gonna find a blood-stained dealer button? Use that for your next friendly poker game as a symbol for what happens if anyone tries to renege on their bet.

There's one more thing. One lucky customer will also receive a golden ticket in their bundle, which can be redeemed for a six-foot-tall zombie statue - Burt the Zombie.

So now the only decision you have is whether to buy the High Stakes Edition or the previously announcedZombrex Edition. The glitzy Vega-style bundle is priced at $90, a 50% premium over the standalone $60 game.

Capcom promises that all orders for the High Stakes Edition of Dead Rising 2 will be delivered on the day of the game's release, September 28. We shall await the story of the guy who ends up scaring the crap out of his roommates with Burt.

Aug 27, 2010

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