Dead Island

Dead Island will feature a whole army of undead nasties, from the lurching, moaning George Romero classic species, to the fast-moving monstrosities a la 28 Days Later, all controlled by a planned AI system (or rather an ‘Advanced Artificial Life System’ as developer Techland would have it) that will create spontaneous individual and group behaviour.

“The zombie’s main aim is to find food - well, flesh - human flesh at best. They’ve got some memories of their previous human life, which is why you can find them around the places where they used to hang around, like hotels,” continues Pióro.

“You can also take advantage of the zombies’ primal instincts to take out tougher non-zombie enemies. For example, you can act like bait and gather a few slow zombies to follow you and let them do their thing with an opponent you can’t handle by yourself.”