Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC coming January 26, new trailer confirms

Dead Cells' second paid DLC, Fatal Falls, will arrive on January 26, as developer Motion Twin announced in the update's new gameplay trailer. 

Where The Bad Seed DLC focused on early-game content, Fatal Falls is firmly rooted in the mid-game. It packs eight new enemies and seven new weapons into two biomes: The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores. There's also a new boss, The Scarecrow, which is based on the old Royal Gardener.

Motion Twin says that the new biomes are positioned as "alternate paths to spice up your mid-game runs" which you can access in place of Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper. You'll probably want to explore them every chance you get, both to experience the traps and trials they contain and to unlock the new pet sword (which flies) as soon as possible. You can also collect 10 new outfits as part of the broader Fatal Falls loot pool. 

Like The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls will cost $4.99 when it arrives. From January 26 until mid-February, the base game will be available for 50% off in celebration of the DLC's release. If you want to jump into all the DLC content at once, you can also get the new Fatal Seed bundle which comes with both DLCs for 33% off in the same period. This ought to be a nice entry point for players who tried Dead Cells via Xbox Game Pass in the past and are looking to buy the whole collection (such as myself). 

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Austin Wood

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