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Dead by Daylight reveals Nemesis's abilities for upcoming Resident Evil crossover event

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil chapter
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive/Capcom)

Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil's crossover event has a brand new trailer with added gameplay features.

Just below, you can check out the brand new Dead by Daylight trailer, in which the Resident Evil crossover event is detailed in full. When the new update arrives for Behaviour Interactive's horror game later this month on June 15, one of the big new features is the Raccoon City Police Station as a map, playable from both Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake.

The other headline act stealing the show later this month is Nemesis, stepping into Dead by Daylight from Resident Evil 3. There's a lot to love about Nemesis as a new playable villain, in particular the fact that the Tyrant possesses the ability to shoot out a tentacle at survivors, and if the outstretched mass catches them, it'll not only contaminate them, but boost the power of Nemesis.

That's not all though, because Nemesis has several interesting perks available. Firstly, the Pursuer perk gives the villain the ability to see survivors through "auras" for a limited time when the match first starts, and the Hysteria perk lets you inflict the Oblivious status effect on all surviving players if you deal damage to a single survivor.

Additionally, Nemesis is bolstered by allied zombies, which marks the first time a playable villain has been assisted by AI teammates in Dead by Daylight. If a survivor gets hit by a zombie, they take on the contamination status, and if they get hit again, they'll instantly take damage. Alternatively, Nemesis can kill zombies to increase their own mutation rate, which is going to spell disaster for opposing players.

Finally, Nemesis can turn generators into traps for surviving players. If you kick a generator, it'll be marked with a yellow aura, and if you then put any survivor into the "Dying State," all marked generators will explode, dealing damage to anyone nearby and resetting their progress.

Nemesis certainly sounds like quite the handful for players in Dead by Daylight. There's not long now to wait until you can play as the mutated villain, as well as Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, when the Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil crossover event launches later this month on June 15.

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